Karl- A champion for working people

Karl is an active trades unionist, and an NUT rep in the school where he works. Trades unionism is in his blood- with both his mum and aunts having been activists for Unison in the NHS in East Lancashire.

Academisation of schools is bad news for children and comprehensive education- but also for workers’ terms and conditions.

Karl is currently working on a workload charter to help better defend teaching staff in his area.

Watching collective bargaining structures get removed in teaching means Karl knows first hand the importance of strong laws to protect workers.

Especially for workers in retail and the private sector, Karl wants to put Labour’s 20 point workers’ rights charter front and centre of this 2017 general election.

Karl is a regular on picket lines in a number of workplaces, as well as marching and demonstrating to get the voice of our movement heard. But at an election it’s our chance to change the agenda, and Karl wants to put rebalancing our economy for the workers, not the bosses, at the heart of his campaign.