The Kind of MP Karl Would Be…

As a councillor and activist, I know how important it is for an MP to work with, and in, their constituency.

Let me be clear on the kind of MP I’d be:

Local to everyone:

  • I’d live in the constituency
  • I’d have an office in the constituency
  • I’d not just have admin staff, but a team of trained caseworkers in the constituency
  • I’d attract local talent to work in both Westminster and a constituency office


Accessible to everyone

  • I’d organise monthly casework surgeries – at least one in each ward
  • I’d be in the constituency every weekend
  • I’d support councillors in their surgeries, and advocating the issues in their casework


Proudly Labour

  • Work with activists old and new to build a diverse, fully functioning CLP
  • Work to train and enthuse activists to create democratic branches in every ward
  • Go door knocking in every ward, with our Labour councillors and activists every week, at least once in each ward every quarter



  • I won’t stand by when ordinary activists join – every one will have a letter from me welcoming them to Labour
  • I will call out racism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, misogyny: any bigotry I hear or see for what it is. It has no place in our party, whoever is the culprit, whatever their background or politics

I’d want all of the above completed ahead of 2020